Better Late Than Never

(originally posted in March–I’m not that bad!)

FullSizeRenderI’ve been meaning to update this site since January with a happy new year post setting goals for accountability, but here it is March and I’m just getting to it…

I’m sick of that under construction page, and I have some news to announce, so it’s time.

I have two stories coming out soon! One in a magazine later this month, and another in an anthology soon to follow! More details on my Writings page which I’ll update with links once they come out.

Currently working on two more stories…

My goals for this year are to write:

  • 3 short stories (2 are in draft form so far! One close to complete, the other, not so much)
  • 50k of a novel (I’m still in the outlining stage)

I feel like I’m off to a solid start, and honestly I’ve been prioritizing writing over writing about writing, so the blog has been neglected. I think I’m okay with that.

I hope you’re less behind than I am this year!